Clearance and Custody

Custodial and Clearing Services

Wedbush Securities, Inc. A Powerful Ally

Davis Securities LLC executes all transactions through Davis Securities LLC which has a clearing arrangement with Wedbush Securities, Inc., providing you with maximum flexibility in fully disclosed clearing.  Our relationship with Wedbush Securities, Inc. assures that each and every securities transaction you make is documented and verified.  Along with an easy-to-read monthly statement, Wedbush Securities, Inc. handles all centralized cashiering, bookkeeping, securities delivery and receipt, distribution of dividends, securities lending and margin.

Wedbush Securities, Inc. is a leader in securities trading and can assist clients in executing their trades across products and global markets.  Through Wedbush Securities, Inc., Davis Securities strives to achieve the best and fastest execution for our clients using several trading channels. Wedbush Securities, Inc. continues to be at the forefront of innovation and at the center of capital markets globally.

In addition to client account access through Wedbush Securities, Inc., Davis Securities’ clients are able to capitalize on Wedbush Securities’ comprehensive and highly flexible reporting platform that allows clients to analyze and understand their portfolios in a multi-faceted manner.

Wedbush Securities’ superior technology and market leadership allows us to serve you better.

Wedbush Securities’ ClientLink platform offers a secure and convenient vehicle for clients to access and view their brokerage account information 7 days a week.  ClientLink is a powerful tool to use for monitoring your portfolio – in both simple or more detailed, customized formats.